20 March, 2010

Taillight and License Plate Holder

I haven't done much on ratty recently, so I went out this afternoon and put together a combination taillight and license plate bracket. I had a basic idea of what I wanted, and was able to use a few parts I had laying around, including a tuna can!

Simple little 3" round taillight I picked up from Tractor Supply, mounted to a sheet metal bracket that then mounts to the back of the seat base.

In case anyone wonders, a tuna can doesn't rust. Unless you realize it has some sort of coating and sand it off. Then is can be made to rust quite easily.

I also had to redo the rear fender aluminum cap thingy, since the taillight bracket interfered with it. I haven't decided if I want to drill the 1/2" holes it. I probably will. Maybe after another beer?

Time to check the pork roast that has been slow cooking in the crock pot all day.


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