26 December, 2011

Kawasaki Gas Tank Installed

Yes, I installed the gas tank on the Kawasaki pretty much the minute I got home:

25 December, 2011

Kawasaki Gas Tank: Boobs and Dragons

I'll make this brief, since the folk's computers are slower than creating stone tablets. I have a Kawasaki gas tank fully painted, courtesy Mr. A. As requested, boobs and dragons.

The proud artist:

Boobs, 6-shooter, spear, dragon:

Bushmaster indeed:

Absolutely terrific!

I can't wait to get this on the bike, get it running, and take it to the grocery store.

17 December, 2011

Trials Bike gets some Beef

I splurged last month, and got myself a Lifan 125cc engine for the Trials bike. There were too many hills and adventures the original 4hp 49cc pushrod motor just couldn't handle. So thanks to Tbolt, I had a new 125cc motor in two days. I forget the exact power numbers, but it was something like double the HP, and four times the tq, at lower rpm numbers.

I had to fab up a new exhaust, which I had been wanting to do anyways. I tucked it up high, and much closer to the frame:

It runs great. I can doddle along at nearly a dead stop in second gear at low rpm, and have more than enough oomph to lift the front tire up and over curbs with a slight blip of the throttle. No more 8,000rpm in first gear going up a gentle hill.

I still need to fit the skidplate and wire in an off switch.

11 December, 2011

"At least you have all your teeth"

I had a fantastic Saturday. And by fantastic, I mean not fantastic. My truck decided to not run yet again, and then later in the evening a tooth fell out. Yep, a tooth fell out. I should clarify: a tooth fell out of my mouth, not out of the non-running truck.

Roughly 10 years ago, I had a root canal. At my last cleaning a couple months ago, the x-rays showed the remaining bit of tooth under the crown was degrading, so I needed to decide whether I would get another crown, or get an implant. My tooth made that decision for me, by simply falling out. I was eating, and noticed something rolling around in my mouth:

You can even see the little posts that were made during the root canal process. The whole damn thing just came out. No bleeding, no pain, just a hole in my mouth. I'll likely need to get the rest of it cut out, then start the process of getting an implant.

Just in times for holiday grub!

05 December, 2011

Fuzzy lip

I'm still rocking the stache. got tired of the hulkster side pieces, and decided to treat Susan to a fuzzy upper lip. I'm due for a clean shave on the rest of my face though, to really accentuate it.

03 December, 2011

Kawasaki Screams to Life!!!

I had been trying to get the Kawasaki to run for the past couple evenings. I had spark, and I managed to fill up the carb full of fuel using half of an old filter as a funnel and a piece of fuel hose. It acted like it wanted to try, but wouldn't quite start.

Today I got serious after installing the new exhaust. With just enough choke and throttle, it almost started. So I fiddled with the timing a little, and advanced it a smidge. Roughly 1-degree based on the mark on the flywheel. As it happens, that is all it took, as it instantly fired up and ran.

I immediately grabbed Susan and the digital camera, and had her take this short video. This is only the second time it ran, so it is extra smokey.

After 30 seconds of running, most of the smoke cleared. I needed to adjust the idle speed up a bit, and it would idle without the choke, and take throttle very cleanly.

Getting a bike running for the first time is always exciting!

Kawasaki Exhaust Part Deuce

I decided to hack apart the stock exhaust and fashion myself a new one. I used the front half of the stocker, and built a new rear section using the calcs I put together for a proper expansion chamber size/shape. It went rather smoothly.

I even fashioned a little aluminum heat shield, and wrapped everything up in the leftover exhaust wrap from the BS-7 project.

As mounted: