26 July, 2008

A Little FV Maintenance

I spent the morning out in the garage working on the Vee. At the last race, after the last session, I noticed the steering stem was cracked about 50% of the way around. The quick release stub (that the steering wheel mounts too) was welded to the steering stem, and just past this weld point, the stem had the crack. It was a pretty thin-walled piece of tubing, so I found a length of tubing with the correct OD - to fit inside the steering bearing and steering box connector - but a much thicker ID. After some clean up on the grinder, everything got welded up.

I also used this opportunity to re-grease and adjust the steering box, since it had gotten a tad "loose." Lastly, I also did a bit more cleanup around the work bench, swept the floor, and shook out all the rugs.

Tomorrow, I'll be replacing the master disconnect switch, since the current one does not seem to have a positive engagement when turned "on." At the last event, I had the car lose all power on the out lap of two sessions. Never again!

And if I get through that in a timely manner, I might do a little more body work on the fiberglass gas tank extension on the C110 Landspeed Racer project, "Salty."


25 July, 2008

First Blog!

Just a sample to see if this things works. And here is a photo of the FV for starters.