30 September, 2012

El Guapo - Oil Leak Found?

As it happens, I still had an oil leak on El Guapo, after changing a gasket on the top end of the engine.  For some reason, it was very obvious where the leak was coming from this time, as I could see the oil pumping out with each kick of the kickstarter.  Any guesses based on this photo?

Not quite made for this engine..  I have since sealed the part with gasgacinch

29 September, 2012

Sam Adams Seasonal Sample

Just thought i would give these a try. Edited with comments below:

Octoberfest:  Good solid meh.  Ok enough, just not a great version
Pumpkin Ale: Decent.  Pretty light on the pumpkin flavor, which is ok.
Hazel Brown: Probably the best of the bunch.  Nice nutty brown.
Dunkelweizen: This is actually very good.  Not my favorite style, but really good flavor.

I'll likely try the others tonight.

El Guapo - Almost Done

I've spent some time the past few days lettering and striping the fuel tank, with "El Guapo."  I also fit a new chain, and a larger diameter rear sprocket.  The original sprocket wasn't in a great shape, and I had this great aluminum 64 tooth sprocket.  That should help it run at a slow walking pace in first gear.

I still need to fiddle with the front forks, and of course get it running.  I had it running a couple evenings ago, but discovered an oil leak.  So I spent a couple hours taking the top end off and cutting a new base gasket out of thicker, much better gasket material.  The gaskets I got in a gasket kit were just too damn thin.  I don't know if that will cure the leak, as I'm letting the gasgacinch set up before putting oil back in it.  We'll see what happens tomorrow morning.

Outlining with black

The front is riding low, as I don't have any fluid in the forks yet

The exhaust sounds great, nice low rumble

64 tooth rear aluminum sprocket mounted up.

Hard to see, but I mounted up a simple chain tensioner under the chain

Citra Pale Ale

I brewed up a Pale Ale yesterday, using some citra hops for dry hopping.  This was the third use of some S05 yeast, and it went absolutely gangbusters.  Huge krausen within 3 hours, and very vigorous bubbling.

Citra Dry-hopped Pale Ale after 3 hours of fermentation

23 September, 2012

El Guapo - More Assembly

A bit more assembly work on El Guapo has taken place this weekend, including wiring, engine install, and some more paint.

Engine installed, wiring installed, and it sparks!

Modified Kawasaki foot pegs, with lengthened kickstand

Exhaust wrapped, and heat shield installed.  Starting to look like a bike.

In desperate need of more paint on the tank

Tank needs a couple more days to cure, before I can do the lettering

19 September, 2012

El Guapo - Better Pic

Here is a shot of El Guapo in daylight, during the assembly process.  Next up is wiring, and getting the engine mounted.

Car Show Pics

Just a few quick pics from the car show we hit up this past weekend in Durham.

Six carbs on this chopped rod

love the look of these vintage dirt tracker tires

Engine tag from the Jordan motor car, note Continental 

'36 Ford Coupe

another shot of the '36, my favorite car at the show

really nice Honda CB750 based chopper/bobber
interesting manifolds for using dual carbs, instead of four

17 September, 2012

El Guapo - Assembly Begins

I'm always amazed how many tools and parts get strewn across the floor during a relatively easy 45 minutes of working on a motorcycle. Oh well, time to clean the garage anyways! Hopefully tomorrow I'll get a few more parts on, so I can roll the bike outside and snap a better photo.

15 September, 2012

El Guapo - Sneak Peak

My phone camera washed out the photo, but as you can see below the frame was sprayed a glorious shade of orange. I've also managed to prep and spray most of the small brackets and other little items, like the kick stand, footpegs, rear hub stay etc. Most of the hard work is ahead of me, as I need to do some finish work on the fenders and tank. Which means sanding. My least favorite job.

14 September, 2012

Brewing - Belgian Dubbel

A quick shot of my Belgian Dubbel burbling away. As expected, the Wyeast 1214 yeast took a couple days to get going, but when it did, look out. It has had a pretty much continuous burbling of the airlock since this morning.

Pretty basic recipe, with pilsener as a base, with additional aromatic, bisquit, special b, and caramunich grains. Also some raisins in primary. It came in a bit darker than a normal dubbel, at roughly 21SRM on the recipe calcs.

13 September, 2012

El Guapo - Final Mock-Up

I better post these photos before I forget, because El Guapo has already been stripped back down to bare parts. I'm hoping to get some finish work done Saturday, and possibly spray some primer Sunday.

The only new thing on the bike is the exhaust heat shield, and it has since been modified courtesy the sheet metal brake at work:

All new cables and levers/perches:

08 September, 2012

El Guapo - More Exhaust Fabrication

I spent the morning out in the garage working on the exhaust. I made great progress, in fact I finished it up, save for some final cleaning up and a wrapping.

Roughly 8 cut and bends in total make up the full exhaust:

The rear portion of exhaust bends inward, to clear the shock. This keeps everything nice and tidy:

Rear mount it tucked up under the seat:

06 September, 2012

El Guapo - Exhaust Fabrication

I wandered out to the garage this evening, pomegranate mead in hand, and decided to start fabbing up the exhaust on El Guapo. I literally had zero stock exhaust parts for any of these S90/CL90 bikes this is based on, so I have to fab everything up from the header flange on back.

I'm doing a high pipe, like any good scrambler should have. So far I've used a piece of precurved pipe from an old mop bucket handle that broke at work, to a scrap header pipe from a CB160 that was damaged, to a large washer that was drilled and cut down to act as the flange.

It is a little hard to see in my fuzzy cell phone pic, but the header and uppipe are in place. Those are the most difficult items, since they have the tightest radius bends. I need to grab some 1" thin-walled conduit for the rear portion of the exhaust, which will make a bend in and around the rear shock, to keep things nice and tight to the body. I'll likely use a muffler that came on a cheap ebay XR50 exhaust I bought to use for parts on the Trials bike.

As you can see from the mess, it takes a lots of parts and tools for this portion of the fab work.

01 September, 2012

Sea Dog Wild Blueberry

A nice light beer, with blueberry. Nice clean aroma, and mild blueberry flavor. Nice option after a couple hours in the garage welding, grinding, drilling and swearing.

Cisco Brewers Light Lager

A surprisingly malt forward light lager. Not the usual Bud Lite blandness, some real malt aroma and flavor. Quite tasty.