31 July, 2011

Bridgestone BS-7: Stripes

I started the process of putting down some stripes on the tank and seat of the BS-7. A simple stripe over the top, that also ties in some of the shape of the tank:


18 July, 2011

Bridgestone BS-7: Some Paint

I got a little paint on the BS-7 over the weekend, and did a quick mock-up this morning just to see how it looks. It is coming together. Now, time to pack for our Seattle and Victoria trip!

13 July, 2011

Bridgestone BS-7: Tank and Seat

Yes, more pics of the Bridgestone tank and seat. After a few days of filling, priming, sanding, priming etc. Almost ready for paint.

I have no idea why I used white primer for the seat, as it makes it difficult to see it in the photos:

I also found the Sport 90 bars fit a bit better than the stock BS-7 bars turned upside down. slightly narrower, and a bit more pullback:


10 July, 2011

Swinehart Wins Big

Craigs not only won his first FV race this weekend, he won two. Nice job!

09 July, 2011

Trials Day: Trophies 1, Crashes 0

I ran up to the PITS facility outside Nevada City, for the annual "Kraut Cup" event today. Got there early enough to walk all the sections before registration opened, so I decided to give the 3 line a try, which is harder than the 4 line I ran last year.

I had a great time. I improved each round through the sections, even netting a few "clean" scores with no feet down. As luck would have it, I pitted next to a gentlemen from Chico, and another guy that put the event on. So I even helped with the layout of a few sections that were confusing.

I was the only one in Premier Lightweight Intermediate, but that didn't stop them from giving me a trophy!


02 July, 2011

Random Saturday Morning Happenings

I was wide awake at 6am, but managed to relax until at least 7am. Then I sprung into action, to beat the heat. I ran over to Safeway to fill up the 5-gal gas can with petrol for the various bikes and lawnmower, and grabbed a fresh 5-gal refill of propane, for the bbq. Yes, we have bbq plans this 4th of July weekend.

Then I took most of my bikes out for short trips around the block, just to air them out, move some fuel through them, and clear out a space in the garage.

A few of my bikes enjoying some shade after a bit of running:

Then I finished honing the spare set of FV cylinders, in preparation of shipping them up to Mr. A to join all the new engine parts he should be receiving next week:

I also realized I had never snapped pics of the Trials bike, in its full glory. I also changed the oil and topped up the tank, in preparation for next weekend trials event at the PITS facility:

I also snapped a few pics of Salty, since I don't think I had since finishing up a few small detail graphics on him:

And now I'm polishing off an ice coffee, and getting ready for an afternoon of great nothingness.


01 July, 2011

That's what I'm Talking Aboot

Happy Canada Day! Some maple syrup cookies, and a non Canadian beer. Apparently they were out of Molson Light. Thank god.

So what did I get myself to celebrate my heritage? A freshly ground 10 under VW 12oo Crank.