02 July, 2011

Random Saturday Morning Happenings

I was wide awake at 6am, but managed to relax until at least 7am. Then I sprung into action, to beat the heat. I ran over to Safeway to fill up the 5-gal gas can with petrol for the various bikes and lawnmower, and grabbed a fresh 5-gal refill of propane, for the bbq. Yes, we have bbq plans this 4th of July weekend.

Then I took most of my bikes out for short trips around the block, just to air them out, move some fuel through them, and clear out a space in the garage.

A few of my bikes enjoying some shade after a bit of running:

Then I finished honing the spare set of FV cylinders, in preparation of shipping them up to Mr. A to join all the new engine parts he should be receiving next week:

I also realized I had never snapped pics of the Trials bike, in its full glory. I also changed the oil and topped up the tank, in preparation for next weekend trials event at the PITS facility:

I also snapped a few pics of Salty, since I don't think I had since finishing up a few small detail graphics on him:

And now I'm polishing off an ice coffee, and getting ready for an afternoon of great nothingness.


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