30 March, 2013

Easter Bunny

Nothing says a rising Jesus like candy and Bob Seger.

Young Einstein

She said she was channeling Young Einstein. I only questioned the young part.

28 March, 2013

Wildcard brewing sampler

Wildcard brewing tap takeover at Burgers and Brews

24 March, 2013

More work on Scraps

A few more odds and ends have been buttoned up:

23 March, 2013

Too much power

So what happens when you can actually climb up steep hills in your trials bike, thanks to triple the power? You literally ripped the valve stem off the tube :(

And no, I didn't have a spare, so my trials day was a bust. I did get to enjoy about an hour of riding though.

New tube and a rim lock has been ordered.

18 March, 2013

More Assembly

I had a very productive weekend working on Scraps.  Lots of little details got buttoned up, as evidenced by the pics below.  I've had a lot of fun fabricated brackets, covers, and mounts out of aluminum.  Also welding a few small tidbits, like a air cleaner mount, carb inlet hose mount (not shown) and some modified footpegs.  I have a few parts shipping to me this week, so hopefully I can tidy up more of the small details by this upcoming weekend.  Assuming I'm not broken on Sunday, after my first Trials event this upcoming Saturday.

Exhaust, taillight, rear number plates, and rear brake components installed

Front number plate, skidplate, bars and controls mounted up

Side cover has a mount for a clamp on air filter running through it

14 March, 2013

Some Assembly

A bit of assembly on Scraps. Hard to tell, but the tank is sparkle silver.

12 March, 2013

03 March, 2013

Happy Anniversary to me!

After six long years of marriage, what better way to celebrate than a six pack of lovely brews, and some candy.  What we have here is:

Anchor Porter
Shmaltz Brown Ale
Abita Mardi Gras Bock
Lost Coast Winterbraun
Shmaltz Dry Hopped Session Ale
New Belgium Trippel

Luckily, the Mrs. know her way to my heart.  Love you Lucy!

01 March, 2013

Blonde Caliente

I brewed up my Blonde using the Caliente hops I got last week. It is going to be a bit bigger, with a higher OG and higher IBU count. I'll also be dry hopping with Caliente too.

Excellent krausen after only a couple hours.