09 August, 2008

Wicked Strong Shelves

I finally decided to make some seriously strong shelves to mount up above the motorcycles. we will be moving out of our storage unit at the end of the month, and will need more space for random motorcycle parts. So i did a bunch of scrounging from the scrap bins and piles at work, and found just enough steel to weld up some two-level shelf brackets.

Here I am welding the two vertical pieces together, then welding the two horizontal bars to the vertical bars. Nice solid brackets. Note the special welding shorts.

The entire bracket assembly gets bolted to the studs with large 1/2" through-bolts. Four bracket assemblies in total.

The shelves are actually special built pallets that come under AdvanTex AX100 pods - when they get strapped down to flatbeds - which is the type of wastewater treatment system I typically design with at work. Three pallets come per pod, so we've usually got a bunch of these pallets out in the yard keeping it real. The pallets just slip over the brackets, and also provide some little cubby holes for stashing small/thin objects between the upper and lower planks of each pallet.

As you can see, these new shelves are quite strong, and ready for some motorcycle and VW parts. They won't stay empty for long!