31 May, 2014

My old Fiat 124 (orange one on the right) appeared in this months issue of Practical Classics magazine. Looks like it enjoys life in England.

28 May, 2014

Front Yard Work

I've done a bit of yard work over the past few weekends.  Tonight I finished off the walking path, using some "shasta chip" stone.  

Lots of great boulders from a contractor friend:

I moved the citrus trees out front, so they didn't get so baked in the late afternoon sun being in the front patio area:

I even threw in a few extra cucumber plants I had leftover:

A couple rosemary plants out front:

The area by the front door continues to take shape:

And Buster hanging out next to his new friend, an Aloe Vera plant:

24 May, 2014

DKW Engine Removal

Snatched the motor out of the DKW this morning. It had a little water in it, but hopefully enough trans fluid to keep demon rust from forming. The brown milkshake was fairly clean, and easily washed off the clutch side of the engine.
Combustion chamber shows signs of abuse, and the piston is a bit tattered around the top ring land. Pin came out easily enough, and the small end needle bearing looked great.
And either the intake ports have been ported, or ze germans did some clean up work at the factory.

07 May, 2014

Benson Runs!

Still a bunch of details left to do, but he runs for the first ever.