29 August, 2015

Concours 7

A genuine 289 Cobra

Concours 6

Concours 5

There were four Airflows at this event, but I only have photos of three of them. Plus a custom Graham

Concours 4

Concours 3

Concours 2

More bikes:

Chico Concours 1

We took Freddy down to the Chico Concours this morning. Here are a few snaps. Starting with bikes:

27 August, 2015

DKW 125 Gas Tank Petcock M12x1mm

Sorry for the attention grabbing headline.  I've realized my blog subject lines make for good google searches, for obscure shit like petcock sizes on motorcycles.  In this case, the petcock size for a 1971 DKW 125 Boondocker is a M12x1mm thread.  Happens to be a very common moped size, so I picked up two part# 50294 petcocks from 1977mopeds, which fit a Honda Hobbit.  Perfect fit on the DKW.

As you can see, I've started assembly work on the bike.  Spent the past few weeks painting and polishing and cleaning up random parts.  Trying to take my time.  As such, I've discovered the back porch to be a much nicer place to fiddle than in the garage.  I can eat lunch outside, and spend 10 minutes doing odd jobs.  

The petcock money shot is at the bottom.