30 March, 2016

Belgium Waffles in Belgium

Belgium waffle with sugar, whip cream, ice cream, and sour cherries. This was our lunch today, complete with a Kriek (cherry lambic) for me and a hot coffee with baileys and cream.

Antwerp #2

More Antwerp photos:

Antwerp #1

Some shots from Antwerp

Kinderdijk Windmills

Great tour of the working windmills at Kinderdijk:

28 March, 2016

Operation Market Garden

Great day in Arnhem, retracing the steps of Operation Market Garden:

27 March, 2016

Amsterdam Lock at Night

Approaching Amsterdam at Night

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Picturesque Hoorn

We spent Easter day in Hoorn (north of Amsterdam) taking a walking tour of the cobblestone streets and traditional Dutch row houses. Since it was Easter and a Sunday, everything was closed in the morning, but thankfully a few shops opened up after lunch. It was absolutely the most picturesque town you've ever seen!  Part of our morning outing included coffee and cake hosted by a local family in their home. Our family was a divorced mom with a high school aged daughter who were so lovely and very gracious to answer all our questions about Dutch life. It was the highlight of our day!  

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26 March, 2016

Amsterdam shots

Just a few quick pics from our morning outing in Amsterdam.

25 March, 2016

Arrival in Amsterdam

Made it into Amsterdam this morning at 10:30 am local time (8 hrs ahead of the West coast). After a short drive to the boat, we had a light lunch aboard before hitting the streets on foot to check out the sights and sounds. After wandering around for an hour we finally made our way to Central Station, which in reality is only about 15 mins from the boat when you know the way. By then it was raining pretty good so we headed back for a much needed nap since we were only running on about 3 hrs of sleep. Now we're setting up for our Welcome Aboard talk,  followed by dinner and a wooden shoemaking demonstration. Tomorrow morning is a canal cruise, so we're excited about that! 

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06 March, 2016

DKW Exhaust V2.0

Mocked up another exhaust for the DKW. A tad bigger and longer, using calcs for 4,000-6,000rpm.