27 March, 2016

Picturesque Hoorn

We spent Easter day in Hoorn (north of Amsterdam) taking a walking tour of the cobblestone streets and traditional Dutch row houses. Since it was Easter and a Sunday, everything was closed in the morning, but thankfully a few shops opened up after lunch. It was absolutely the most picturesque town you've ever seen!  Part of our morning outing included coffee and cake hosted by a local family in their home. Our family was a divorced mom with a high school aged daughter who were so lovely and very gracious to answer all our questions about Dutch life. It was the highlight of our day!  

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kath said...

Judging from your neck scarves, it looks a bit chilly there. Chilly here too making for a damp Easter.

kath said...

I see that Chris found a tuxedo kitty! You'll have to buy a tin of kippers if this keeps up!