31 May, 2009

It Runs, Part Deuce

The 1750cc engine runs. In fact, it started up instantly, doesn't smoke like it did on part 1, and has no visible oil leaks. This time, we built an engine test stand, using the engine stand as a base. Mr A. came over and took care of the wiring, and by about 11am we had it making noises. This way I can run it and actually see any problems, unlike when the engine is buried in the race car frame.

Here are a few pics, and a link to a short movie:

And the link to the video:

I'll run it a bit more this week before swapping into the chassis.

Now for beer and grub.


23 May, 2009

Chico Brewfest

Oh lordy, we just got our tickets for the sold out Chico Brewfest. A "couple" breweries will be there, according the event site:


Let me emphasize one of the lines:

"includes souvenir glass, food and unlimited beer tastes"

mmmmm, unlimited beer. And the event is almost within walking distance.

Chris H.

19 May, 2009

A Beer for Sean

My Mexican mother gifted me a beer today, in honor of Victoria Day, a holiday in my home land of Canadia. I think she selected it based on the label design. As it turns out, I think I have a beer Sean would be jealous of.

Lagunitas Brewing's Ruben and the Jets, brewed in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the same-named Zappa album. Sean is a big Zappa fan. I should know, he attempted to convert me over to the dark side during numerous road trips to national autocross events.

I'll report back on the beer after it gets a day to chill.