27 May, 2017


I realized I never blogged about my latest project.  I had this weird idea to build a bike out of wood and aluminum, using a spare Honda Cub engine.  Not sure why, I think I wanted to work with wood, which is something I've never done much before.  I also wanted to create lots of stuff from scratch using the mini lathe and tig welder.

So all the photos below show the progression from sketch, to a roller.  The basic idea is a pair of wood frame spares, that will bolt together using about 25-30 aluminum spaces.  The spacers are turned down on their ends, and internally threaded.  So they slip through the wood, to really lock things in place.  We will see how rigid it really is when I get the rest of the spacers made.

Just remember, we're talking about a 4.5hp beast that likely won't exceed 35mph and will weigh somewhere in the 110# range.  And it will mostly be an art project anyways, occasionally running errands to Safeway or Trader Joes for donuts.

This is mostly just something to fiddle with over the next year, and give me a chance to use my new tools.

I'll try to keep the blog more up to date as it progresses.

Woody 5

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Woody 4

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Woody 3

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Woody 2

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Woody 1

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04 May, 2017