28 June, 2015

More Freddy Updates

I got the new trans installed a few evenings ago, then managed to get the engine in this morning.  A few shots below, also showing the freshly painted engine and cleaned up engine bay.

07 June, 2015

Freddy Updates

I have been doing some work on Freddy since I snatched the engine out.  I spent a day degreasing, then decided to remove the entire front suspension and steering rack, in order to properly paint the engine bay.  That then led to a full cleaning and repainting of those components.

Cleaned up and painted the a-arms.  Lower bushings were fine, but upper bushings needed replacement.  Decided to just go with regular rubber, as I really don't have plans to race him, so no need for urethane.

My rotary tumbler from Harbor Freight has proven to be one of the more useful tools in the garage.  Just throw in a handful of hardware, a little degreaser and water, and turn it on.  Come back an hour later, and everything is nicely cleaned, with a lovely surface finish.

Engine bay cleaned with a light/medium grey.  Gets rid of the blackhole look, so hopefully it will be easier to spot leaks or grunge.