27 September, 2014

DKW Mocking Up

I started getting busy on the DKW project.  Since just restoring bikes a is a bit boring, I've decided to build it into something fun.  Have no fear DKW purists, I won't be chopping up the original hard to find parts, like the stock front and rear shocks, chrome fenders, or tank.  But I have decided to chop the frame a bit.  

After chopping off the rear portion of the frame, now I need to mockup what I'll be building:

I've also been busy cleaning up and building the hub assemblies.  I pulled the brakes completely apart and ran all the small bits through the small tumbler I have:

Yes, speedholes.  This is the front hub, complete with cooling holes and fancy little mesh screens I built using some screen, a washer, and a press to create a "cup" shape to the screen, so it fits into the holes. Then it got epoxied into place:

The 18x2.15 AL rims have an anodizing coating on them.  Instead of spending a week sanding through it, I've used some easy chemical solutions to effectivelly dissolve it.  Then I can clean it up.  I'm not going with a full polish, but instead opting for a smooth finish using 000 steel wool and WD40:

The rear portion of the frame after chopping it off.  This was by far the ugliest part of the bike:

The rear hub and wheel assembly.  Steel wool and WD40 give the AL parts a nice finish.  I used new zinc coated spokes intended for a Honda CL90.  Just the right length at 160mm.  I got pretty lucky mocking these up with some older CL90 spokes, and sure enough the length was just right.  The bike oriignally came with a 21" front wheel and 18" rear wheel.  I'll be running 18" all around:

I've modified the Earles front forks a bit.  I needed to lower the front end a couple inches, and didn't want to molest the stock Boge shocks.  I happen to have these Fastace pit bike shocks, so I fabbed up new upper shock mounts.  I'll have quite a bit of height adjustment using these units:

04 September, 2014

FV Photos

Just a few photos of the FV, so I have them in one place