30 April, 2013

Exhaust three

I added an end piece, and I like it.

Exhaust Version two

Simple upswept exhaust, closer to my initial sketch.

27 April, 2013

Exhaust option UNO

I'm sure you're tired of the side view of Goldie at this point, but here is another one. Showing a simple exhaust option with a chopped crusty C100 muffler. Nice angled cut that ties in with the rear suspension lines.

24 April, 2013


Just a bit of tinkering two nights ago. Seeing what a stock sized c100 seat looks like, and a headlight housing from a Bridgestone 90. Also some handlebars from the junk pile.

22 April, 2013


As with most of build projects, I find it useful to do a mockup before paint. In this case I needed to see how the rear tire fit, and what I needed to do in terms of front springs.

I've got some massaging to do out back to get that big knobby to fit.

I love gold!

After some trial and error, I managed to lace up a set of 2.15x18 aluminum rims to a C100 front hub and S90 rear hub. It took a strange combination of different length spokes, but it did come together.

I spooned the 3x18 Shinko "Golden Boy" 244 tires on last night while Susan was boozing it up.

20 April, 2013

Track 7

The line is out the door at track 7

Roseville Brewing

The smoked amber is awesome

Susan taking a picture of Loomis Basin

Together forever

Until Susan meets Armie Hammer

Loomis Brewing

Sampling some Loomis Basin Brewing

Auburn Ale House for Lunch

Bus Ride

We're on sample number 11 on the bus, heading to auburn ale house for lunch

Old Republic

Great setup for the tour, six flight sample of yummy malty goodness. Dunkirk bock, esb, English pale etc.

Happy Campers

Start of pub crawl

Our first stop at Old Republic.

14 April, 2013

Goldie: The fun of finding parts

This is what is looks like when I start a new project, a floor full of parts:

The spare C105 frame:

My first bit of chopping.  I had to shorten the headstock, and attach the wider bearing cups for the Yamaha forks:

The front forks fit.  I think these came from a Yamaha YG.  The truth is, they came from a dumpster over at Clint's, a gentleman in Hamilton City that lets me rummage through his parts.

This is just a mockup with some flat bar, but it proves the concept:

The big 1/2" bolt is tacked to the flat bar, and essentially acts like s sliding pillar.  The lower spring is about 75# and takes care of bump travel.  the upper spring is about 40# and takes car of droop.  I used a spare 1/2" heim joint as the steady perch, which threads into a long sleeve nut welded to the frame.

The front tire is way too small, but you get the idea on the overall proportions.  And yes, I plan on some sort of handlebars that extend up a bit.  Not monkey bars, but maybe something that extends up about 6-8", with a real narrow width.  

Goldie Begins

I've decided to harness my inner chopper, and throw together another bike from scraps. This time an old derelict Honda C105 frame will form the backbone, with a lot of mods to follow. My quick sketch below shows the concept.

12 April, 2013

Lookin' Fly

Susan wouldn't let me buy this blazer. She crushed my dreams.

03 April, 2013

01 April, 2013

Honda C110 Engine Build

I have a host of spare Honda pushrods motors sitting on the shelf, so I decided to build one up for a future project yet to be determined.

I'm using a c110 bottom end that features a 4spd manual clutch. The top end will be built using a std bore 49cc cylinder with a high compression piston, a ported cast iron C100 head featuring lightened valves, and a rocker arm casting using lightened rocker arms.

I had to repair the broken kick start shaft, which gave me an opportunity to clean up the clutch plates and discs. I'll likely button it up tomorrow night with new gaskets and o-rings.