14 April, 2013

Goldie: The fun of finding parts

This is what is looks like when I start a new project, a floor full of parts:

The spare C105 frame:

My first bit of chopping.  I had to shorten the headstock, and attach the wider bearing cups for the Yamaha forks:

The front forks fit.  I think these came from a Yamaha YG.  The truth is, they came from a dumpster over at Clint's, a gentleman in Hamilton City that lets me rummage through his parts.

This is just a mockup with some flat bar, but it proves the concept:

The big 1/2" bolt is tacked to the flat bar, and essentially acts like s sliding pillar.  The lower spring is about 75# and takes care of bump travel.  the upper spring is about 40# and takes car of droop.  I used a spare 1/2" heim joint as the steady perch, which threads into a long sleeve nut welded to the frame.

The front tire is way too small, but you get the idea on the overall proportions.  And yes, I plan on some sort of handlebars that extend up a bit.  Not monkey bars, but maybe something that extends up about 6-8", with a real narrow width.  

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