01 April, 2013

Honda C110 Engine Build

I have a host of spare Honda pushrods motors sitting on the shelf, so I decided to build one up for a future project yet to be determined.

I'm using a c110 bottom end that features a 4spd manual clutch. The top end will be built using a std bore 49cc cylinder with a high compression piston, a ported cast iron C100 head featuring lightened valves, and a rocker arm casting using lightened rocker arms.

I had to repair the broken kick start shaft, which gave me an opportunity to clean up the clutch plates and discs. I'll likely button it up tomorrow night with new gaskets and o-rings.

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Rachel Matteson said...

Way to go. Hope you can make a great-looking vintage bike out of it. It'll sure be a site. :)
- CadNW.com