18 March, 2013

More Assembly

I had a very productive weekend working on Scraps.  Lots of little details got buttoned up, as evidenced by the pics below.  I've had a lot of fun fabricated brackets, covers, and mounts out of aluminum.  Also welding a few small tidbits, like a air cleaner mount, carb inlet hose mount (not shown) and some modified footpegs.  I have a few parts shipping to me this week, so hopefully I can tidy up more of the small details by this upcoming weekend.  Assuming I'm not broken on Sunday, after my first Trials event this upcoming Saturday.

Exhaust, taillight, rear number plates, and rear brake components installed

Front number plate, skidplate, bars and controls mounted up

Side cover has a mount for a clamp on air filter running through it

1 comment:

sean said...

Lookin' good! I was just wondering if your trials season was going to start soon -- have fun out there.