06 September, 2012

El Guapo - Exhaust Fabrication

I wandered out to the garage this evening, pomegranate mead in hand, and decided to start fabbing up the exhaust on El Guapo. I literally had zero stock exhaust parts for any of these S90/CL90 bikes this is based on, so I have to fab everything up from the header flange on back.

I'm doing a high pipe, like any good scrambler should have. So far I've used a piece of precurved pipe from an old mop bucket handle that broke at work, to a scrap header pipe from a CB160 that was damaged, to a large washer that was drilled and cut down to act as the flange.

It is a little hard to see in my fuzzy cell phone pic, but the header and uppipe are in place. Those are the most difficult items, since they have the tightest radius bends. I need to grab some 1" thin-walled conduit for the rear portion of the exhaust, which will make a bend in and around the rear shock, to keep things nice and tight to the body. I'll likely use a muffler that came on a cheap ebay XR50 exhaust I bought to use for parts on the Trials bike.

As you can see from the mess, it takes a lots of parts and tools for this portion of the fab work.

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