29 September, 2012

El Guapo - Almost Done

I've spent some time the past few days lettering and striping the fuel tank, with "El Guapo."  I also fit a new chain, and a larger diameter rear sprocket.  The original sprocket wasn't in a great shape, and I had this great aluminum 64 tooth sprocket.  That should help it run at a slow walking pace in first gear.

I still need to fiddle with the front forks, and of course get it running.  I had it running a couple evenings ago, but discovered an oil leak.  So I spent a couple hours taking the top end off and cutting a new base gasket out of thicker, much better gasket material.  The gaskets I got in a gasket kit were just too damn thin.  I don't know if that will cure the leak, as I'm letting the gasgacinch set up before putting oil back in it.  We'll see what happens tomorrow morning.

Outlining with black

The front is riding low, as I don't have any fluid in the forks yet

The exhaust sounds great, nice low rumble

64 tooth rear aluminum sprocket mounted up.

Hard to see, but I mounted up a simple chain tensioner under the chain