11 December, 2011

"At least you have all your teeth"

I had a fantastic Saturday. And by fantastic, I mean not fantastic. My truck decided to not run yet again, and then later in the evening a tooth fell out. Yep, a tooth fell out. I should clarify: a tooth fell out of my mouth, not out of the non-running truck.

Roughly 10 years ago, I had a root canal. At my last cleaning a couple months ago, the x-rays showed the remaining bit of tooth under the crown was degrading, so I needed to decide whether I would get another crown, or get an implant. My tooth made that decision for me, by simply falling out. I was eating, and noticed something rolling around in my mouth:

You can even see the little posts that were made during the root canal process. The whole damn thing just came out. No bleeding, no pain, just a hole in my mouth. I'll likely need to get the rest of it cut out, then start the process of getting an implant.

Just in times for holiday grub!

1 comment:

kath said...

Gee, I wonder if you get extra credit with the Tooth Fairy? Maybe it's still under warranty?