18 March, 2010

St. Peter's Old Style Porter

16.9 oz.

no abv given

I treated myself to a second beer last night, while watching a little James Bond. After the light bodied Harp, the thick pour and meaty aroma of this Porter made me wonder if I would get through it. Yes I did btw.

This was a strange porter. Not strange bad, just strange different. The aroma is very strong, with an almost Soy Sauce like hint to it. I thought bad things were about to happen when I took my first swig. The initial mouthfeel and body were equally strong, but it tapered off dramatically to a smooth, almost boring finish. Maybe boring isn't the right term. It was just so smooth and mellow compared to the up front boldness that it felt a little boring. Of course that meant I kept trying it over and over and over until my tall 16oz. glass was empty. Then it was sad panda.


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