08 March, 2010

New Rear Tire, Red Wheel, Mounted

Ratty's new tire arrived today, roughly two business days after ordering it from Bike Bandit. I decided to go for a Trials tire in the rear, which is a bit more knobby and mean looking. I also ordered a rim protector, which is the little strip of rubber that fits around the inside of the wheel keeping the tube from getting poked by the ends of the spokes. Bike Bandit was kind enough to send three rim protectors, despite only charging me for one.

A Cheng Shin C186 Trials tire in 2.75X17. Yes, I splurged. It was $15.

With a bit of soapy water, I managed to get the tire mounted (with a tube I already had) rather easily. Of course I did it in my cold weather garage, i.e. the living room.

As mounted on the bike:

Next task is to look at adjusting the rear ride height and fabricating a set of handlebar mounts and bars.


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