18 March, 2010


What sounds like a combination of a small earthquake, tornado, and not too distant thunder?

The sound of a 14' enclosed aluminum trailer apparently becoming unhitched on a 60mph highway and landing on its side 30' off the edge of the road in an orchard.

The owner has been outside on his cell phone for about 2 hours. The flat bed tow truck showed up an hour agao, and there has been lots of head scratching. A second tow truck showed up 30 minutes ago. And of course every old farmer in a 4x4 pickup has stopped by to lend their expertise.

Update: The highway patrol showed up, so everything will be ok! The second tow truck has strapped onto the trailer. The owner has pulled his F250 around and connected to the opposite side. I see what they are trying to do, but am curious how effective it will be.


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