27 March, 2010

Exhaust and Throttle

I started the process of fabbing up an exhaust for Ratty today. I had to make the header pipe plate bolt thingy. You know, the part that bolts to the cylinder head and pressed the header up into the exhaust port against the gasket. I had a few different stock plates, but they didn't have the correct bolt spacing. So I used a big ass washer, drilled some holes, and welded a short piece of pipe to it. Exiting stuff!

Exhaust header pipe plate thingy:

I used a stock C100/105 header pipe to get the main curve, then used some random thin walled pipe I had sitting in the corner for the main exhaust pipe:

I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do for a muffler (if I do) or where I want to end the pipe yet:

I also made up a throttle cable, using a spare piece I had from a CB160:

I think I'll work on a clutch cable tomorrow.


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