05 March, 2010

Paulaner Salvator Double Bock


7.9% abv.

Review to come!

Ok, I didn't get around to reviewing this last night, but not because I didn't like it. In fact I did like it, quite a bit. I don't have great knowledge of Bocks, so this was a fun surprise. It poured quite heavy with a very clingy foam and an almost syrup like feel about it. Nice nose, somewhat sour and sweet. And that's how it tasted too. The sourness was very well balanced, with a good bit of malt flavor. It had a hint of a Bavarian style Heff about it, which usually is not my favorite. But the malts balanced it out. It also had a good strong, warm, alcohol hit to the end of it too.

Overall, a fun beer with some unique flavors.


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