07 March, 2010

Rear Shocks, Swingarm, Seat Mounted

I spent some time this morning sorting through boxes of random motorcycle rear shocks. Apparently I have collected about a dozen pair of shocks off different bikes, not counting the shocks still mounted on parts bikes. I'm looking for something a little bit taller than stock for the rear, to go with the lower than stock front ride height. I may need to adjust setups once I get the engine in it, but so far so good.

It looks a bit high in the rear, but it is sitting on the center stand, and there is no weight on the suspension. Note, that is also a spare junker 2.25x17 tire. The new rear tire should be arriving next week, and is a bigger 2.75x17 size.

I used a set of Trail 55 rear shock towers (the aluminum parts.) These slide over the normal shock mounts, and attached with three small bolts.

Rear shocks are off a Yamaha GT80, I think. I made new bushings using 5/8" heater hose. Somehow, everything fit. The hose would just squeeze into the shock eyelets, and over the shock stud.

Also, note the location of the footpegs, attached to the swingarm. I welded a nut to the backside of a washer, then welded the washer to the swingarm tube (that runs from side to side. Now I just need to figure out some handlebars.


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sean said...

Ratty is really starting to take shape! Although rather than plaid you should've used a "rattan" pattern for the seat, to keep the theme going... I think it's looking great!