10 March, 2010

Better Headlight Photos

I managed to get the headlamp housing cleaned up and patina'd last night, so I mounted it after work and rolled Ratty outside for some photos. The garage shots last night made it look green, and showed just how much of a mess my garage is!

I still need to clean up the bars and bar mounting clamps, but it is coming together:

Still looking a little funky overall, but I like the overall shape and proportion of the headlamp:

I'm taking tonight off, and spending it on the couch watching TV and eating Jelly Beans.



sean said...

Lookin' good. What are your plans for the aluminium bits like the bar clamp and plate?

Chris said...

I think I'm going to replace the aluminum plate with a steel plate that also goes down lower to include the headlight mount. And I figure I would just clean up the aluminum bar mounts, but not polish them. give them the same sos pad treatment I gave the rear fender cap.