27 March, 2010

New Belgium Ranger IPA

6.5% abv

Another great hoppy IPA, with a light body and a smooth aftertaste. Which of course means I love it! It poured out fairly flat, but had a nice strong hoppy aroma. The body was a bit lighter than the past few IPAs I've had, but those strong hoppy notes stayed straight through to the end, giving great mouth feel. Very well balanced and smooth, it managed to have no bitter aftertaste despite the strong hoppy notes.

A rather nice surprise!


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sean said...

I've had this one on tap and thought it was just meh to OK. It doesn't really strike me as an IPA, I think it's more of an over-hopped Pale Ale, lacking the body of a real IPA, and has a screwed up balance because of that. Basically just New Belgium's attempt at cashing in on the springtime IPA sales surge.