21 March, 2010

Lagunitas Wilco Tango Foxtrot


7.83% abv.

Oh sweet heavens, more of this please! Like maybe a case or two.

WTF pretty much sums up what I've really grown to like about a beer. Yes I like porters, and wheats, and all sorts of other offerings, but it is a robustly hoppy flavor that I love. Without a horrible bitterness on the end. I don't mind some hoppy bitterness, but a super strong IPA often times is too much aftertaste for me.

Lagunitas managed to throw buckets of hoppy goodness at a nice malty ale, without any hint of bitterness. There is so much hop aroma up front, that I couldn't get my nose out of the glass. It had very tall, stiff foam peaks. My first drink was a crapshoot. Would the crazy hoppyness equate to bitterness? Luckily, no. It just kept all that hoppyness through the body, and through the finish. In fact, I've never had hop flavors stay so long after swallowing. This really was a giant glass of liquid hops.

So yes, it wasn't well balanced, in terms of hop to malt flavors. There was some malts, which were nice, but the fresh hoppy flavors were overpowering. For me, that was a good thing.

Mmmmmm. I drink you right up!


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sean said...

Cool, I bought one of these last week based simply on the "WTF" label and the mostly-great Lagunitas lineup, but haven't popped it open yet. Good to know it's not awful...