03 March, 2010

Plaid and Forks

I was all set to go out in the garage last night, so I changed into some work clothes. Apparently in the dark:

Once I got out there, I finished up my front forks, adding the little "girder" pieces to the trailing edge of the fork housings:

I was able to get the completed unit through the chemical process before it started raining, and then used mother nature (and a little salt water) to start the patina process. The metal used for these forks was obviously different than the main frame, as it patinad much quicker, and with slightly different colors and tones. It looks quite interesting!

I didn't get any work done tonight, because I spent the evening with my lovely Bride, celebrating our 3-year anniversary. I hear that we even have some cake waiting for us, so I better get off the magic computer box!


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