21 March, 2010

Pulque La Lucha! Fresna


5.5% abv

Ah yes, another one of the funky fermented agave nectar offerings from Susan's homeland. This time, in strawberry flavor. And despite not really liking coconut, I think I enjoyed the coconut and pineapple offering better. This was still very interesting, and good enough to make me want about five more. It is very thick and requires that you shake it up before pouring, which I totally forgot to do. So I spent a few minutes pouring it back in the bottle and giving it the old what for. This help tremendously, as the pinkish color came out.

These really are quite interesting. There is plenty of funky sour notes to make you keep going back for more. In this case, the sweet strawberry flavors might have tamed down that funky sourness a bit too much though. But it is still way different than anything I've had before.


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