26 December, 2009

Lost Coast Brewery Tangerine Wheat

Lost Coast Brewery Tangerine Wheat
1 Pint 6oz.
5% alc.

Hhhmm, another fruity wheat beer, I wonder if I'll like it?

Of course I do! I've had the Tangerine Wheat before, so I was excited to get a big bottle of it as part of my Christmas basket. Wonderful fruity nose that really does hint of tangerines. The body is very smooth while retaining the fruit and sweets tastes. I managed to kill the big bottle in about 20 minutes today, while we watched some Top Gear.

Speaking of Top Gear, I finally moved into the 2000s and learned about these things called "torrents." Amazingly simple, thanks to the basic directions and advice on the Top Gear web site. I grabbed all of the Season 14 episodes last night, so Susan and I planted our butts on the couch today and watched five non-stop hours of Top Gear awesomeness.

It was as easy as making my TV an extended desktop, and plugging the laptop into the surround sound for audio. I only downloaded the "standard" def files, and I was amazed how clear the picture was. In the future I might try the hi-def files for single episodes.


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