24 December, 2009

Chris and Susan: Expert Kid Sitters

Susan and I trekked up to P-Tizzle to visit our friend Susan and her two boys, Andrew and Connor. We exchanged gifts, played with the boys, and got stuffy noses thanks to their cat "Big Boy." I of course wanted to bring Big Boy home with us, and I honestly believe we could have. He is the perfect cat for us. He pretty much sleeps, wants love, sleeps some more, and eats. Just like me!

Here is Susan playing with the boys:

Here is Big Boy and his soon to be owner (i wish):

Big Boy is a moose! Like 20 pounds of fluff and awesome. I've decided to name him Argyle, since he looks like an Argyle sweater.

If Santa really loved me, he would give me Argyle for Christmas. Hint Hint.


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