24 December, 2009

Beer Advent Calendar: Day 24

Abita Brewing Company Purple Haze
No alc. given

Deer Abita Brewing Company,

I am your newest fan.



In all seriousness, this was a nice treat for a late 2pm lunch on Christmas Eve day. This is a Raspberry Wheat, with thick luscious raspberry particles floating about waiting to swim into my mouth. The bottle says they add fresh raspberry puree after filtration, hence the very turbid view through the class thanks to all the raspberry sediment. It isn't overly sweet though, so if fruity beers aren't your bag, don't be put off.


And now that I'm happy, I have some sad news to break to all of you. This was the last day of Beer Advent. Yes, I know. No more blogging from me on a daily basis. Sniff sniff.

I only hope you can make it through the rest of 2009 without me.



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