09 December, 2009

Beer Advent Calendar: Day 9

Black Boss Porter
9.4% alc.

Maybe it was the fact I split a pitcher of Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale with J-Tizzle after work, but the nose on this Porter was absolutely stunning. Huge deep boozy smell, that I thought would be a bit too much given the 9.4% alc content. But it is impressively smooth. Great smooth body and a nice finish. Lots of chocolate. I have a little more than 14oz to go, so this should be a great topper to a nice dinner with a mate.



sean said...

Sounds nice, I've never heard of it, I'll have to keep an eye out. Imperial porters can be damn good beers, it's nice to see so many people making them. I just made a regular porter that's ready to keg right now, waiting for it to warm up enough in the garage that it won't freeze when I put it in the kegerator out there...

Chris said...

Made in Poland, of all places. Really really good.