21 December, 2009

Beer Advent Calendar: Day 21

Erdinger Weissbrau Hefeweizen
5.3% alc.

A traditional bottle fermented Bavarian Hefeweizen. Nice sweet nose, and a fairly mellow initial body. Bavarian Hefs are far from my favorite, so I was waiting for the bite to kick in. And it did. First sip was rather strong, in a "oh nelly, I'm sure I'll be able to finish the glass" kind of way. But of course I presed ahead and found myself enjoying it more and more as I went on. It finishes off very smooth, so perhaps that keeps it from lingering too much.

Quite possibly my favorite Bavarian Hefeweizen. Out of the two or three I've ever tried.


1 comment:

Susana said...

What was that? Bavarian style is your favorite, buy as much of it as I can find?? Trader Joe's makes a really tasty one? What??