25 December, 2009

Christmas Foods and Booze

My relatives know the way to my heart. It is through my belly! Just a sample of the booze and grub fest I'll be enjoying today:

There is at least 2 gallons of beer and wine, and about 2 pounds of meat and cheese. So much meat and cheese, that we've decided to cancel our plans for Christmas crockpot, and just snack all day. 11:09am...too early for a beer? Maybe a fruity wheat bear!!??!?!??



sean said...

I see a Framboise in there! You'll either love it or hate it...

Chris said...

Yes you do, and yes I loved it. I pretty much decimated the bottle before I realized I never snapped a pic. It was a raspberry Framboise, and it was like drinking a smoothie. So yummy.