06 January, 2010

Shmaltz Brewing Company Monumental Jewbelation

Shmaltz Brewing Company Monumental Jewbelation
10% alc.

Labeled as a "10th Anniversary Ale brewed with 10 malts and 10 hops" the Jewbelation is downright heavenly. It has a super clingy, meaty head after I poured it a tad too fast. The aroma is very well balanced, considering the 10% alcohol content. As is the body, which maintains a great smoothness throughout. An absolutely great deep, dark, thick, smooth, enjoyable brew.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, this alone has proven better than any of the cough medicine I've been chugging down today.

Yet again, well done Shmaltz!



Zak said...

Wow. Where'd you find that Jewbelation 10?? What a find. I'm really glad you liked it. Have you had a chance to try Jewbelation Bar Mitzvah (13), this year's version? I'd be interested to know how you thought the two compared. Thanks again for the love. ~Zak

Chris said...

Ray's Liquor, in Paradise California. They seem to have a fantastic selection.