20 January, 2010

Home after surgery

Susan got home after surgery around 2pm today. I got her tanked up on meds, fed her the Vanilla Frosty she had been craving, and tucked her in for a long nap.

It is now 5:30, and she's managed to eat some soup. I too am enjoying some soup, to go with the super lousy weather we had today. For those out of towners reading this, we had 55mph winds, and driving rain pretty much all morning. It eased up for about an hour after lunch, just in time for Susan to hobble from the car to the house.

I'm going to keep her on the couch tonight, since she has managed to sleep so well. Meanwhile, I've started my attack on the master bathroom. Can I manage to keep Susan well cared for and remodel the master bath during the next four days? We will see.

Obviously Susan comes first. Unless I'm in the middle of laying new tile. Just kidding Mom!


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sean said...

Hope both the recovery and the remodeling go perfectly!