13 January, 2010

Package of Awesome

A package of Awesomeness arrived today courtesy George The Fierce (Jason), a friend and fellow racer from Mass-a-two-shits. Since he has upgraded to an Xbox, he sent me all his old PS2 games, and racing steering wheel controller.

Everything from Drag, to NASCAR, to TOCA, to Rally. Mmmmm.

In trade, I'll be making GTF a set of camber arms for his circle track racing Infiniti G20, named Tom. Hence the funny looking suspension pieces at the bottom of the photo.

Honey: I'll see you sometime next week after I get through Colin Mcrae Rally.


1 comment:

sean said...

Sweet! I've been playing the new Super Mario Brothers on the Wii. Haven't played any racing games in a while, I'll have to remedy that.