12 January, 2010

Red Horse Malt Liquor

Red Horse Malt Liquor
7% alc.

With Susan off to old lady Bunko, I decided to celebrate tonight. With some Malt Liquor.

Can I just say that in no way is this even remotely good, however, I love it. From the start, I knew this would be something special. It has a very fizzy quality about it, almost like double sparkle after pouring it. Even 15 minutes later, it is just fizzing and bubbling away.

The aroma is quite unusual. It is somewhat flowery, with some fun sour notes, and a certain "ripeness" about it. After taking in a generous mouthful, I was immediately taken with the crisp fizzyness of it. I was afraid if I let it move around for too long i would be missing some tissue, so I prayed, and then swallowed.

The first very brief moment everything in the world was right. Then came along the real meat and potatoes, and everything was buried under a massively overriding taste of alcohol. But in some ways, this alcohol taste is much more manageable than in an overly strong, not-well balanced pale ale. No bitterness at all. Instead that initial sourness returns.

And then you hear the extreme fizzing in the glass as the sweet malt liquor returns to the bottom.

So, in conclusion: Horrible. Yet I enjoyed every single sip. And I wish I had more.



sean said...

Ah, malt liquor. Did you go out shootin' guns after this? Perhaps put on a stained tank top and made a quick trip to Wal Mart for diapers?

Chris said...

I sat back and took in what it would be like to live in the Philippines, and have to drink this wonderful swill.

sean said...

"wonderful swill" -- nicely descriptive, I like it.

i heart ceci said...

Full disclosure: I have a cold and I'm eating spicy food (tacos ). I just polished off most of half a liter and am loving this beer. First sip, I thought of champagne. That's the alcohol taking over with notes of apple cider. Quite liked it and was totally surprised at all the negative reviews around the net. Not the best ever but I'll definitely be seeking it out for another taste