08 January, 2010

Blue Dawg Brewing Wild Blue Blueberry Lager

Blue Dawg Brewing Wild Blue Blueberry Lager
8% alc.

I had high hopes of the Wild Blue, since I love me some fruity beers. It poured out fantastic, with a real blue/purple hue to it. Great foamy head with lots of cling. And the aroma was equally strong, with greats blueberry notes. Then I took my first sip, and almost didn't get it down. Not much in the way of blueberry taste, since the overall experience is more of a very strong alcohol note. I kept trying it until it literally made me put it down in shock. I simply didn't like this one, and couldn't finish it. It just had an overly strong, unbalanced taste, without much of the fruity presence suggested by the name, color, or smell. Of course Susan didn't mind it, just like she didn't mind the Midas Touch. Ha!


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