29 January, 2010

Blogging About Food

Since Susan is still down and out, and I've been doing the kitchen duties, it is my turn to blog about food. Pam brought over a wonderful home made lasagna the other night, that will provide us with four full meals worth of chow. We had it for dinner last night, along with some sauteed veggies I threw together, and garlic bread. It was yummy.

Today, I ventured out of my office and hit the road first thing. I visited a system down south about an hour, that was preparing for a startup. I supplied a good deal of engineering resource and product for this job, so I like to be part of the startup to answer any questions, and snap pics. This was a large Recirculating Gravel Filter followed by a wetland pond. Denitrification was the overriding concern, so assuming the maintenance staff is given good operating instructions, this system should work wonderfully.

The Sand Filter is on the left and center, the wetlands area is to the right, and wraps back around the back of the sand filter:

The wetland, with big ol bag of woodchips to jump start denitrification:

One of three massive storage ponds running along the frontage road, and the facility that makes all the p00p in the background:

Food and p00p. You're welcome.


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