24 November, 2012

Suzuki K10P - Wheels and More Assembly

I received my packaged of new chrome wheel spokes and nipples from Thailand, so I got busy assembling both wheels.  A bit time consuming, but I had a pot of french press and some great tv on the History channel to keep me entertained.
New chrome spokes and nipples getting installed

I then mounted up new rim strips, tubes, and 2.75x17 Michelin Gazelle tires.  This is the second time I've used these Michelins, and I really like them.  They are way easier to mount up than the similar size IRC and Chang Shin tires I've used.  Not sure why, but the Michelins just spoon on real easy.

After that, I mounted the wheel assemblies on the bike, making it a roller for the first time.  That also let me mount the rear brake lever, rear hub stay, and chain cover (not pictured.)  Overall a very productive day.

The chain cover was installed right after I snapped the pics

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