25 November, 2012

Suzuki K10P - Front Fender

I got the front fender fit on the K10 today.  What should have been a 30 minute job, turned into a couple hours, as I mistakenly fit a 2.75x17 front tire.  This bike actually takes a 2.5x17 up front.  The wider 2.75 just wasn't going to fit inside the fender without rubbing.  Luckily, I had fit 2.5x17 Michelin Gazelle tires all around on the Miyata, so I grabbed the rear tire off the Miyata, put it on the front wheel for the Suzuki, and put the 2.75 tire on the back of the Miyata, which will actually help to gear it up a tad.

So long story short, the front fender is on and the tire doesn't rub.  Just the faint whisper of the rather long tire nubbies brushing against the inside of the fender, but those will wear off quickly.

I love the look of this front fender, nice and snug over the tire

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kath said...

It looks great! Did I mention that I love the yellow? So cute!