12 November, 2012

Suzuki K10P - Brakes and Polishing

Thanks to some help from Mr A during their visit this weekend, I managed to disassemble both wheels, and get everything cleaned up.  Mr A was in charge of the brakes, and essentially did a full brake job on them.  Pulled off the shoes and springs, took and cleaned up the pivot mechanism, and reassembled with fresh lube.  We even gave the shoes a quick scuff for better grabbing power.

Today I also got some polishing done on engine cases, triple clamp, handlebar clamp, and some other misc items.  I don't like to go crazy and do a mirror type polish, since these bikes never came that way new. Instead, I use a 3M scuff pad to clean them up, then some 00 stainless wool and a bit of hand cleaner to polish up aluminum.  Gives a nice smooth finish that cleans up easy.

Freshly cleaned brakes and hub assemblies.  The original wheel rims polished up nicely.

Engine side cases, triple clamps, and gas tank side covers all cleaned up

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