05 November, 2012

Suzuki K10P - Intro

While I'm enjoying my new found early retirement (for those that don't know, I was "laid off" a few weeks ago) I thought I would turn my attention to the last project bike in my stable, a Suzuki K10P.  I purchased this bike from a gentleman in San Jose many years ago, and my cousin Lori actually housed it for me for a full year before I got down to pick it up.

Here are some pics of the beast:
Just under 5,000 miles.  Looks like it has never been apart

Very original condition, with excellent chrome

Yep, it's a K10P.  I think it is a 1966 based on Suzuki research

80cc 2-stroke, with conventional port timing/intake.

Always good to get photos of details

As mentioned, excellent chrome, including the exhaust

I grabbed the front fender for Salty.  I may take it back.

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